CalBal is for everyone!

Thank you for helping us make wonderful!

Your support of the event helped us produce 39 brand-new song recordings and hire 62 musicians from around the country. It allowed us to support dance instructors from around the world. And it supported scholarships for anyone who needed help.
Most of all, you helped keep this event alive until we can be back together in person.
Since we can’t be together in person for CalBal 2021, we’ve completely rethought our event—a whole new event created for you, wherever you are.

CalBal Live
January 15–17, 2021

CalBal Live is a three-day celebration of Balboa and Southern California Swing dancing featuring seven unique topic tracks, three contests that anyone can enter, and 15+ hours of new music and entertainment from your favorite contemporary swing dance artists.

Real interaction: Live classes via Zoom for both participants and auditors. Class groups are limited to 40 participants (and unlimited auditors).  Meet the instructors »
Amazing entertainment: Three nights of evening entertainment from the team behind Rhythm Relief with new music from the bands you love, dancing and variety, and time with your favorite people.
Pursue your interests: Six topic tracks, no levels. Topics include solo and partnered social dancing, competition, musicality, history, DJing, and community & organizing.
Attend from anywhere: All classroom material available for on-demand streaming almost instantly.
Competitions for all: Our Swing Film Festival and Balboa Follies contests are open to everyone and encourage you to show us your creativity. The Solo Shuffle contest is for everyone who loves footwork.
Support your values: All proceeds from CalBal Live go  toward hiring professional swing dancers and musicians so they can do their work.
No limits: Unlimited scholarships and both cheap and free options for anyone who needs them.

All proceeds and donations received through CalBal Live will go first toward supporting the artists who participate in the event and second toward supporting Pacific Swing Dance Foundation, which runs CalBal and works to preserve history and make the swing dance scene more inclusive and sustainable.