Contest Entry

Pacific Swing Dance Foundation (PSDF) is the organizer of this event, and all decisions pertaining to CalBal Live contests rest solely with PSDF.

Official Rules for All Contests:
  • Video files must be uploaded before January 1, 2021, in an approved video format (.MOV or .MP4).
  • Videos must be PG-rated.
  • Videos must be delivered via the CalBal Live contest submission form. (Link will be sent to registrants.)
  • PSDF and CalBal reserve the right to disqualify any video for any reason.
  • We suggest a minimum video quality of HD 720p or higher.
  • Remember to light yourself appropriately for the situation.
  • Good sound makes a difference!
  • Videos should be submitted in landscape format.
  • We will accept videos in .MOV and .MP4 formats.
  • Make sure everyone who appears in your video has consented to be recorded and to have the recording aired publicly.
Things that could result in disqualification:
  • Explicit content—keep your video suitable for a general viewing audience.
  • Content that violates our Code of Conduct.
  • Poor video or sound quality.