About CalBal Live

Livestream Show

CalBal Live features a livestream show, broadcast for 12+ hours over three nights featuring new music, live and recorded acts, variety, contests, and other amazing entertainment. The CalBal livestream show is free to watch for anyone (even if they have not registered for the event) but also benefits Pacific Swing Dance Foundation.

The livestream show will air first at 5 pm to 9pm Pacific Time. It will be rebroadcast twice each day (times TBD) to allow participants in time zones around the world to enjoy the show.

Class Tracks

CalBal Live features seven topic tracks without levels so swing dance enthusiasts everywhere can enjoy topics that interest them. Participants and auditors will get access to 6 hours of classes in their chosen topic track, 4 hours of classes from any other topic track, and 6+ hours of elective classes.

Class Formats

Classes will be accessible via Zoom* and Livestream.

Participants will have full access to the Zoom meeting so they can interact via audio, video, and chat with their instructors and peers. Zoom classes will be limited to groups of 40 participants. Each group will be assigned a dedicated group leader to help with technical support and group activities. Each group will have its own dedicated Zoom meeting.

Auditors will have access to the Zoom meeting but will be limited to chat. Auditors may not receive direct interaction from instructors and peers. Each track can accommodate an unlimited number of auditors.

On-Demand Streaming

Both participants and auditors will have access to on-demand streaming of their chosen classes. On-demand streaming of each class will be available shortly after each class is completed and will be available for 30 days for auditors and 90 days for participants.


We have three competitions this year, open to anyone.

Swing Film Festival: Show us your creativity! Submit a video of up to 4 minutes in length of any genre you choose. No dancing required, but videos with some connection to swing will be receive extra consideration. Videos will be considered for prizes in one of five categories: Audience Choice, Best Dancing, Most Artistic, Best Comedy, and Best Drama or Documentary. View the complete rules here.

Balboa Follies: Show us your dancing! The Balboa Follies is a contest with as few rules as possible. Videos must be 1-3 minutes in length and should feature at least one person dancing. Balboa or L.A. Swing are encouraged but not required. Videos will be considered for prizes in one of five categories: Audience Choice, Showmanship, Pure Bal, Classic Inspired, and Musicality. View the complete rules here.

Solo Shuffle: Show us your footwork! Competitors in the Solo Shuffle will provide three pre-recorded videos of themselves, dancing solo, shot from the waist down, to music we provide. Prior to CalBal Live, Solo Shuffle entries will be judged and a set of finalists selected. Finalists’ videos will be aired in the CalBal Livestream Show. View the complete rules here.

Make a Contribution to CalBal and PSDF

All revenue and donations received will go first toward paying the staff, instructors, musicians, and performers of CalBal Live, almost all of whom receive all or a large portion of their income from doing work related to swing dance. Many of these folks have lost most or all income due to COVID-19. So, first and foremost, CalBal is a benefit for these swing dance artists.

We estimate our production budget for CalBal Live will be $75,000–$100,000, and 90% of that money will go directly to these artists and professionals. When you register for or contribute to CalBal Live, you are directly paying artists who need the work.

CalBal Live is also a benefit to support Pacific Swing Dance Foundation (PSDF). PSDF is a nonprofit corporation that has produced CalBal since 2018 and operates the Pacific Swing Dance Archive.

In 2020, PSDF was also instrumental in helping administer and support Rhythm Relief and #MoveTogether. If you supported either of those projects, you’re already a PSDF contributor.

PSDF wants to be able to do more, and when we do more, we create opportunities within the swing community. When you support PSDF, your money pays for the work of swing dance artists and scholars.


CalBal Live is offering unlimited scholarships to anyone who would like to attend as a participant but can’t afford all or part of the registration cost. If you can’t afford CalBal Live, apply for a scholarship here. If you would like to help fund scholarships, you can contribute to that effort here.