Class Tracks

How CalBal Live Classes Work

Each track offers 5 hours of intimate classes plus unlimited access to attend electives and “audit” all other classes via livestream feed.

Each Class will list: Class Title, Teacher Names, Dancing or Non-dancing to aid in your class selection during the event.

All classes will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing shortly after class has ended.

Topic Tracks

Social Dance (solo)

Dancing Classes

Balboa & Bal-swing inspired stylings, aesthetics, musicality and more with a small group of dancers who are also practicing solo.  Classes will be adjusted for the general level of the group, but is intended for people Int/Adv or higher. Register now »

Social Dance (partnered)

Dancing Classes

Moves, stylings, musicality and more for Balboa & Bal-swing.  This class is intended for partners in the same location with previous experience dancing Balboa at an Int or higher level. Register now »


Dancing & Non-Dancing Classes

Some dance classes to enhance listening and improvising to swing music, plus some lectures on understanding the music better.   Partners and Balboa experience are not required for this track. Register now » 

History & Legends

Dancing & Non-Dancing Classes

Classes about the history of swing dancing in Southern California including Balboa (Pure Bal), Bal-Swing and LA Swing.  Plus learn about some of the original dancers that made Bal what it is  today: their trademark styles and stories about who they are.  Partners not required, some Balboa experience is recommended, but not required.  Register now »


Non-Dancing Classes

Work with world renowned DJs Shana Worel and Ryan Swift to learn the art and craft of DJing for swing dances. This class will cover subjects such as music selection, technology, contest DJing, event DJing, and others based on the interest of the students.  No DJ experience is required to take this class, but content will benefit those who have prior experience as well. Class will also include peer feedback and hands on exercises. Register now »

Community & Organizing

Non-Dancing Classes

Classes on:  running a dance event, running dance contests, building an inclusive local scene or community and growing Bal dancers locally. Register now »

More Info

Everyone who registers as either a participant or auditor gets access to 5 hours of classes in their chosen topic track and 5 hours of classes from any other tracks they want. They also have access to 5+ hours of electives and discussion panels throughout the weekend.

Participants and auditors will have access to on-demand streaming of their chosen classes. On-demand streaming of each class will be available shortly after each class is completed and will be available for 30 days afterward for auditors and 90 days for participants.

Note: All topic tracks are subject to cancellation if registration does not exceed 10 participants. In such case, participants will be offered option to change tracks or receive a refund.

Ways to Attend

You may register either as a participant or as an auditor. Both can register for any one of seven, topic-specific tracks each of which includes 15+ hours of classes and electives. Classes will be conducted via Zoom video conference and will be available for on-demand streaming.

Participant Passes

Participant passes cost $120. Unlimited scholarships are available for people with financial needs. Classes for participants will be conducted live, “in-person” via Zoom, with direct interaction between instructors and participants. Participant get full access to audio, video, and chat.

Each class will be limited to 40 participants. Each 40-person group will be assigned a dedicated Zoom channel for their topic classes and after-class use. Groups will also receive help and guidance from a dedicated group leader.

The musicality, history, DJing, and community & organizing tracks are limited to 40 participants. If more than 40 people register for the solo social dancing, partnered social dancing, and/or competition tracks, participants will be divided into separate course sections. Each course section will have its own instructors and group leader.

Participant Pods

Pods are for individually registered participants who are in the same physical space and want to join the solo social dancing, partnered social dancing, or competition tracks. The participant pod will ensure that all the participants in the same physical space will be assigned to the same section of their respective track.

Pods should consist of between 2 and 12 individually registered participants. To form a pod, decide on an unusual name and provide it during registration. Everyone in a pod must be a registered participant and must register with the same pod name.

When you form a pod, please exercise precautions to prevent COVID-19 transmission. For example, choose people already in your “bubble” such as spouses, partners, or roommates.

If you are joining the musicality, history, DJing, or community & organizing tracks, it is not necessary to form an official pod. These tracks will be limited to one section and so all registrants will by default be a part of the same section regardless of whether they are in the same physical space.

Auditor Passes

Auditor passes have a suggested price of $60 (but you can pay more or less). Auditors will access the same live video sessions as participants, but auditors will be limited to use of chat for interaction and are not guaranteed any “on-screen” time.

Unlimited Scholarships

CalBal Live is offering unlimited scholarships for participants. Apply for a scholarship before registering and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.