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The CalBal Livestream is accessible to everyone for free on Vimeo.

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$65k: Sunday night goal!
$123k: $50k for Rhythm Relief refill!
$25k: Music fully funded!

Limited Time Offer: CalBal Live World Premiere EP

Contribute at-or-above the $500 level and receive exclusive access to the CalBal Live World Premiere Recordings digital EP!

It features 39 brand-new song recordings from all seven of our bandleaders, including all 23 remote recordings and all 16 “live” songs from Jonathan Stout and His Close Shave Quartet aired on January 17, 2021.

This EP will not be released in any other form and is only available to CalBal Live donors at or above the $500-level. Qualifying donations must be received by January 31, 2021 at 11:59pm PST.

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CalBal’s evening livestream is private and will be unsearchable through the Vimeo app on a Smart TV or Apple TV. To access private Vimeo videos, you will need to add them to your Watch Later list on Vimeo. Here is how to do so:


  1. Set up a basic (free) account at The link to a basic account is listed right below the header.


  1. On your computer or laptop, log in to your Vimeo account in a web browser and go to
  2. On the top right corner of the video, click the Clock Icon to Add To Watch Later list.
  3. Repeat this for each video, adding each video to your Watch Later List.
  4. You only need to do this step once per video.


  1. On your Smart TV or Apple TV or other streaming device, load up your Vimeo App.
  2. Sign in to your free account.
  3. Access your private videos from the Watch Later list.
  4. You’ll still need to enter the password for each video, as long as they are set to Private, rather than Public.

Now your private videos will play on your big Smart TV!

During the livestream, join our CalBal watch party on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 843 6474 1055
Password: Jan142022

Friday Evening Gala Theme:  Swag Night  

Join our Zoom party to show off your CalBal Swag from year’s past to present

Friday High Tea Welcome Party with Lady Jean & Lady Swirls starting at  5pm pacific standard time

If you want to go all out, follow these instructions & tutorial to bake your own authentic British scones to enjoy while we kick off the party.

Saturday Evening Gala Theme:  Dress Your Finest

Saturday Happy Hour with Laurel Ryan & Michelle Stokes
Join our Zoom party to be spotlighted in our CalBal Home Fashion Show, dress your finest!

Sunday Evening Gala Theme:  Come As You Are

Sunday Happy Hour featuring cocktails with Kendra Dandy
If you would like to create cocktails with Kendra here is a list of ingredients to have on hand.

Voting is closed!

Voting is closed!